As a city’s economy booms, it is not uncommon to see a growth in construction- both new and remodeling. The construction industry is unique in the sense that you need professional cleaning services before and after construction commences. Construction cleaning service is a specialty janitorial service to provide deep cleaning service before, during as well as after a construction or remodel project.

There are definite benefits to hiring a construction cleaning service:

A specially trained and experienced construction cleaning crew

Not all janitorial crews have the required expertise to clean up dust, debris and construction material from a site. Hiring a construction cleaning service means you are hiring experienced professionals that have been specifically trained to service construction zones.

Construction material removal

A construction cleaning crew removes construction debris such as nails, woods and other products which could be potentially hazardous in addition to cleaning up the dust generated by construction and removing stickers/tape on windows and products.

Safety purposes

Construction cleaning should be performed both indoors as well as outdoors to ensure any hazardous waste material and construction debris is removing reducing chances of injury and making the zone a safer place for employees as well as your patrons. For examples, nails, glass, grease, and caulk can be power washed away for a safe parking and walking space.

Types of construction cleaning service

There are three primary types of construction cleaning service. Depending on your circumstances you can decide which kind of cleaning services is required for you and contact a professional cleaning company such as Service Master Elite Cleaning Service personalized cleaning quotes.


Before you begin construction, it is often a good idea to clean the area especially if any demolition has taken place. You shouldn’t let any old dirt sit under new construction and should get a phase cleaning done before you begin. Phase cleaning is also done between construction processes.


Rough cleanings are typically done after any plumbing or electrical installations, prior to sheetrock installations. Rough cleanings are similar to phase cleanings in the sense that they clean up what has been completed in preparation for any project to begin.


As the name suggests, post construction cleaning happens after the completion of the construction to make space safe to live and work in. Post cleaning leaves the space safe and looking clean and attractive.

A great cleaning process after construction finishes is power washing of exteriors, windows as well as parking lots to remove any dirt, debris or hazardous construction material.

At Service Master Elite Cleaning Services, our professionals are well trained and experienced in cleaning up construction zones. Our emphasis is on leaving a clean, safe and attractive space to be used by our patrons and ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a consultation.