What needs to be done with residential and commercial properties in Southern Louisiana that have suffered severe water damage from storms? No matter the cause, there are steps you can take to mitigate the damages. For advice on what you can do, ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services has put together these steps to recovery for storm damage on your property.

Should I Contact My Insurance Agent?

Yes! Anytime your home or commercial business property suffers significant damages, especially water damage, you should get in touch with your insurance agent immediately. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damages and provide a detailed report on what needs to be repaired and what is covered under your insurance. The sooner you call and have someone inspect your property, the sooner you can get the restoration process started and your life back to normal.

What if I Just Fix the Damages Myself? It Doesn’t Look Too Bad!

No! You should never try to restore or repair damages caused by water damage or severe storm yourself. There are often damages you cannot see on the surface and when water damage is involved, it could have seeped into your foundation. In addition, heavy rains introduce bacteria into your building that develop and encourage the growth of mold. You should absolutely call a professional restoration technician at ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services to inspect your property as a whole and assess all damages involved. We’re equipped to handle water extraction, mold remediation, and sanitization.

Can I Keep My Electricity On?

No! When your home or office has experienced a flood as a result of a severe storm, you should always shut the electricity off. You never know when an electrical wire somewhere on the property is loose and could be touching floodwater or a damp surface. This could start a fire or create an extremely dangerous situation for anyone also touching the water. Shutting off the electricity will ensure another disaster does not occur.

Should I Take My Items With Me or Leave Them?

Take them! If your property has floodwater present or there is a structural breach on your property allowing exposure to the elements, you need to take action. Move any partially damaged or unharmed valuables to a safe location with you. This will allow ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services enough room to begin repairs while also avoiding any secondary damages.

If you’re dealing with storm damages and their effects in Southern Louisiana, you can trust the reliable residential and commercial disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services. We specialize in restoring homes after severe water damage. Call today at (800) 932 – 9940.