During the summer months, your workplace might be exposed to the effects of thunderstorm and lightning. Learning the risks associated with thunderstorm can help keep you, your employees and your business safe.


What are the Effects Of A Thunderstorm?


Thunderstorms are always accompanied by lightning. Lightning strikes can cause power surges, structural damage, hail, flash floods and can even cause devastating fires. With over a 100,000 thunderstorms in the US and lightning being the most dangerous weather-related hazard, it is important for business owners to be prepared to deal with any unexpected event.


The potential effects of thunderstorms on your business include:


Lightning starting a fire

Perhaps the most dangerous effect of thunderstorms is a fire caused by lightning. The National Fire Prevention Association estimates that 22,600 fires are caused by lightning every year resulting in severe injuries, deaths and about 451 million dollars of property damage. Therefore it is important to be vigilant during a thunderstorm, especially during the summer months. If you notice a fire caused by lightning, contact emergency services promptly.


Lightning causing structural damage

There are many ways a thunderstorm can adversely affect the structure of your commercial facility. For example, a lightning strike could cause a tree to fall on your facility or a direct lightning strike or fire could cause structural damage. These could also leave the building open to rainwater or floodwater.


Lightning causing power surges

When lightning strikes a power line or telephone line, it can create a strong surge of electricity which could damage your electrical and electronic equipment when it passes through them. As a safety precaution, do not let your employees operate any electrical equipment during a thunderstorm and instead have them shut off and stay away from all electrical equipment.


How to protect your business form thunderstorm damage?


While it is difficult to predict a thunderstorm and lightning strike, there are steps that you can take to reduce the effects of a thunderstorm.

  • Install surge protection devices or grounding systems.
  • A lightning rod installed at the top of your office facility will direct any lightning strikes to one safe place.
  • Trim any trees or branches that may pose the risk of falling on your office during a storm.
  • Educate your staff on all the dangers of a thunderstorm and the best practices when faced with one.
  • When you know that a thunderstorm is approaching, disconnect all electronic devices beforehand.
  • In case you notice a fire due to a lightning strike, contact the fire department promptly.


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