When it comes to your janitorial healthcare cleaning crew, do you they know the difference in cleaning standards for the various rooms in your facility? An examination room will have different health code requirements than an isolation or operating room. As a healthcare professional or facility manager, you can rest assured that ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services provides knowledgeable and sanitary healthcare cleaning services. Our cleaning techs have the tools and the training to properly clean any of the following outpatient facility rooms:

Exam Rooms

The patient exam room gets the most amount of people in and out of it. Because of this, this room is a hotbed for germs and so your janitorial staff should be thoroughly wiping down doorknobs and railings using disposable wipes soaked in disinfectant. Any high-touch area such as chairs, hand sanitizer bottles, soap dispensers, writing utensils and medical devices, should all be regularly wiped down with a hospital-grade disinfectant. A hospital-grade disinfectant must be used because these don’t leave behind residues and do not require further rinsing or wiping processes after they have been applied.

Operation or Isolation Rooms

Isolation rooms are those rooms in your healthcare facility that keep currently contagious patients separate from other patients or visitors to the facility.

Operation rooms are those rooms where patients undergo procedures and are therefore most vulnerable to infection.

For both of these types of room, your healthcare janitorial staff should know that complete elimination of all pathogens is essential. Terminal cleaning includes an intensive disinfectant process where all detachable devices or utensils are removed and separately disinfected. Then, the entire room from top to bottom, including light fixtures and air ducts, are cleaned. It is critical to hire a trained and qualified healthcare cleaning crew to ensure that these rooms are cleaned properly and according to health code specifications.

Standard Precautions for All Environments

  • Hand Hygiene: Healthcare providers and janitorial staff should always practice safe hand hygiene, especially after making any contact with bodily fluids, removing protective gear, or touching any surface or piece of laundry that may be contaminated.
  • Protective Gear: Wearing the proper protective gear prevents direct contact with infection-causing germs and bacteria. Have your crew know when it is the proper time to wear gloves, gowns, goggles, face masks, long pants or fully sleeved clothing. All protective clothing or gear should be thoroughly cleaned after use.
  • Environmental: Establish facility procedures for routine cleaning practices and disinfection. Provide training for cleaning spills of bodily fluids or other harmful materials. Always clean away any visible soil before disinfecting. Scrub surfaces with detergent and water.

You need a well-trained and knowledgeable healthcare cleaning team you can trust. ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services serves the Southern Louisiana area with expert janitorial teams. Contact us today for a consultation!