Companies often believe that cleaning their own business instead of employing a professional cleaning company is better and more budget friendly. However, assigning cleaning duties to your employees could be putting them and your organization at risk. Slip-and-fall injuries are pretty common among janitorial employees so are injuries from climbing ladders or lifting heavy objects. Read on to know more about the risks and liabilities associated with cleaning your own business.

Liability Insurance Requirements

There are multiple liability risks to consider if you decide to keep the cleaning of your commercial facility in-house. These potential risks apply not only to your employees but also any visitors. When you hire a professional janitorial firm such as Service Master Elite Cleaning Service, they ensure that all safety measures are taken including putting up proper signage and most importantly that there is proper liability coverage. In case of an accident, the commercial cleaning company’s liability insurance will provide coverage.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums

If any of your employees are injured while performing cleaning, even if it isn’t their primary duty, your workers’ compensation insurance will need to cover for any injuries they may have sustained. Hiring a commercial cleaning company helps ensure that you can avoid affecting your employee productivity, costly workers’ comp insurance claims and a rise in your premiums.

OSHA Compliance

The occupational safety and health administration requires all businesses to maintain a clean and sanitary work environment for their employees which includes an established cleaning schedule. OSHA has also issued a bulletin on the hazards of cleaning products and the associated safety measures needed when using them. A professional cleaning company is familiar with all the OSHA regulations and would take all the necessary steps to ensure that you are compliant.

Cleaning Product Safety

As mentioned earlier, cleaning products can be hazardous to the health of your employees. Professional cleaners possess the right training and skills as well as protective equipment to wear when cleaning with chemicals.

With the many risks and liabilities associated with in-house cleaning service as well as the overhead cost of hiring and training employees for cleaning, outsourcing might be more suitable for your business. At Service Master Elite Cleaning Service, we are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for your employees as well as achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible. Contact us today for a consultation.