Stay cozy with clean upholstered furniture.

Upholstery cleaning will protect your investment and keep your home feeling like home.

At ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services, we have knowledge and experience to clean your upholstered furniture so it lasts for years to come. Its important that any company who will be providing these services doesn’t use a one size fits all approach. You need a plan and solution that fits your needs. For this reason, we use the following steps to clean your upholstery:

Upholstery Inspection

  • Testing the fabric
  • Prepping the area
  • Grooming
  • Spot treatment


The loosened soil from the upholstery inspection step will be extracted from the fabric and rinsed.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Prepare the fabric for drying and review results of the cleaning.

If you’re in need of upholstery cleaning services, look no further than ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services. Call today to request a consultation.