What immediately comes to your mind when it comes to cleaning? Generally, we’ve learned to trust the advice on cleaning this or that as handed down by generations but is there some actual truth to the tips or are they all myths kept alive when it comes to cleaning? The following are some myths that you really shouldn’t believe:

Myth #1: Bleach Is the Ultimate Cleaner

Growing up, we all believed this simple myth to be true. After all, what else can be believed from a product that takes out the color from any surface? However, bleach possesses no cleaning powers whatsoever and is in fact, only good for a limited number of things, cleaning not being one of them.

Myth #2: Vinegar Cleans Everything

While it’s true that vinegar can clean nearly everything due to its incredibly versatile properties, it may have earned an inflated reputation. It’s a common fact that some surfaces should never encounter vinegar as that would only lead to a lot of damage and very little cleaning.

Myth #3: More Detergent Equals More Cleaning Power

A common misconception shared by most homeowners is that the dirtier a surface or item may be; the more soap they need to slather. The reality is very much different as sometimes, using too much of a thing (soap and detergent in this case) can lead to a whole lot of problems, especially if the products are used for carpet cleaning, as experts from our commercial janitorial service company have pointed out on many occasions.

Myth #4: Newspapers Are Excellent for Cleaning Glass and Mirrors

Homeowners who use this tip believing it as a green method must be applauded, but today, there’s no need for it, as professional janitorial services now offer green cleaning methods as well!

Myth #5: Ammonia Is a Miracle Cleaner

Sure, ammonia has the reputation of being a ‘natural cleaner’ for floors, microwaves, and ovens with burnt food stuck on them, but can it really be considered as a miracle cleaning product? The answer as provided by professional carpet cleaning services might surprise you. Often touted as a natural cleaning product, ammonia is especially known for its pungent odor that can cause irritation for people with breathing problems.

It’s time to let go of the above myths and do the sensible thing in its stead. After all, cleaning is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.