We invented specialized cleaning for healthcare facilities. Now we’re innovating it.

We continue to bring new and better ways to maintain safety, health and cleanliness to the healthcare facilities we serve.

Delivering a Trusted, Higher Standard of Healthcare Cleaning Backed By Experience. 

We Believe The Keys To Success Are:

  • Continual improvements in processes and technology.
  • Development of our management and staff.
  • Effective communication and partnering with our clients.
  • Recruitment of the best front-line staff.
  • Keeping current with the latest available training.

Healthcare Cleaning Services-Patient-Centered Cleaning Program 

We manage the complex needs of cleaning medical facilities and our methodical process ensures no areas are missed. The level of attention needed to successfully clean a medical facility will increase patient satisfaction. Knowing that your scorecards are tied to provider reimbursement dollars, it is critical that your facility be properly maintained.   

Training Is Key

ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services recognizes that healthcare facilities require specialized cleaning to maintain the health and safety of patients. To deliver the best clean environment, we start with our employees who undergo extensive and customized training to provide the best result. Each of our employees who enter your building will be fully trained to understand the unique needs of your facility.

We focus on training our production staff to help them understand the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing methods, when each is appropriate, and the correct way to proceed.

Our training includes:

Proprietary LEARN On-Line modules and certification specific to the healthcare environment job role.

On the job training. 

Training modules focused on the unique needs of various medical facilities. 

Understanding and use  of the latest processes, products, and technologies.

Some Of The Benefits Of Our Healthcare Training And Services Include:


  • Infections control and prevention
  • Improving patient and employee environment
  • Risk management
  • Cost management

Our Standards Were Developed In Recognition Of Best Practices As Published By:

  • AORN
  • OSHA
  • CDC
  • The Joint Commission
  • EPA

We Specialize In Cleaning For The Following Types of Healthcare Facilities:

  • Chiropractic Offices
  • Medical Offices And Clinics
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Optometrist Offices
  • Physical and Speech Therapy Centers
  • Surgery Centers
  • Urgent Care Facilities 

Also, we offer an array of Special Services to support your staff in completing projects and addressing backlogs, deadlines, and regulatory inspections.  

We are members of the following organizations:

And should the need arise, our water, fire, and mold remediation Disaster Restorations team is available 24/7.