Advanced green cleaning techniques & solutions.

Our patent pending Capture and Removal cleaning system will take your facility to the next level of clean.

A more effective way to clean.Environmentally friendly buildings.

Capture and Removal Cleaning® is an exclusive cleaning system from ServiceMaster Clean.

Old fashioned methods of cleaning not only fail to truly remove dirt and grime from your facility but actually costs you more. Traditional cleaning methods simply move dirt around or corral it into corners rather than completely removing it. With ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services, we use Capture and Removal Cleaning® as a high-productivity approach that is environmentally friendly and produces a healthier environment for your tenants. Our products are certified and approved by leading environmental agencies Environmental Choice and Green Seal.

How does Capture and Removal Cleaning® actually work?

Capture and Removal Cleaning® utilizes the following advanced technologies:

  • Microfiber towels collect dirt and grime rather than move it around.
  • Dust wands collect dust and remove it from your facility.
  • HEPA filtration vacuums capture and contain 99% of particulate matter.
  • Our Green For cleaning products are plant based, safe for the environment, and ideal for individuals with sensitivities to chemicals or allergens.
    • No perfumes or dyes.
    • No surfactants or wetting agents.
    • No ingredients included that are considered acidic, alkaline, or corrosive.
    • No VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Capture and Removal Cleaning® is just a phone call away. Get a cleaner, healthier building than ever before while minimizing your impact on the environment. Only ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services can offer this service.

Along with our main Janitorial Services, we offer an array of Specialty Services to support your staff in completing projects and addressing backlogs.

Should the need arise, we also provide Disaster Restoration Services including Water Damage Cleanup, Fire and Smoke Damage Mitigation, and Mold Remediation.