We plan and execute a custom janitorial plan.

Nothing can be more essential to the success of a janitorial service than a plan that meets your needs and staff that understands the importance of their job.

ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services has been serving a wide range of facilities for over 20 years. Our experience as a janitorial services provider includes Class A, multi-site portfolios, single sites consisting of Banks, Healthcare, Petro-Chemical Plants, Utility Plants, Service Centers, Call Centers, Data Centers, Laboratory, Commissary and General Office Buildings. No matter the facility, our team can plan and execute a custom strategy to leave your building clean and professional at all times.

Innovative Cleaning Methods  Green commercial cleaning.
Our patented Capture and Removal Cleaning® system meets all the environmental and performance requirements of the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services (GS-42), and it can help your business reap numerous benefits including your bottom line. State-of-the-art equipment and microfiber technology creates a much healthier work setting for your staff and customers by minimizing airborne particulates and bacteria. In the long run, this results in less sick days from your employees and a better guest experience for your business.

Innovative Management Tools 
ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services provides our clients and staff the technology to communicate and track activities to better manage facilities. We believe our greatest tool is communication and will be in contact with you from start to finish to make sure you’re satisfied with a job well done.

Customer Service eHub Features 
Clients can send work requests to handle deficiencies with priority levels dispatched directly to the Manager or Supervisor responsible for the site in real time.

  • Execute and Monitor work requests
  • View Inspections
  • View scheduled work for your sites
  • View Invoices

You can be assured that employees working at your facility have met our and your safety requirements including background checks, a drug test, E-Verify and other special credentials ensuring a safer environment.

tech-customer-office-lobbyTrained Cleaning Staff
Nothing can be more essential to the success of a janitorial service than a systematically trained staff that understands the importance of their job. Your custodians will have an initial minimum of 7 hours of classes and on the job training with on-going monthly reviews and a training subject of the month.

Management and Supervision
Our mission to “Help People Develop” holds true in every position of our organization. Training our managers and supervisors is critical to our success coupled with execution of their knowledge. We use many venues to train our staff that includes an extensive online University, regional and national sessions, and years of on the job training.

Missed Service Alert 
Our system schedules staff to service your building at a specific date and time. If the assigned staff does not arrive within a 30-minute tolerance of their scheduled arrival, the immediate supervisor will be notified by the system that your building is not staffed and will therefore act to get the job done.

Excel With Customers
Each ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services team member has an ultimate goal to provide superb customer service, from start to satisfaction.

*Source: Healthy School Environment and Enhanced Educational Performance, The Case of Charles Young Elementary School, Washington, D.C., Carpet & Rug Institute, January 2002.