The rains in Southern Louisiana can bring about flash floods, especially for people in low lying areas or near water bodies.  Flash floods should not be taken lightly since the water can often be powerful enough to damage bridges, sweep away cars, rip out trees and can cause considerable damage to life and property. In our area, water gets into homes and causes many issues. Therefore it is important to know how to deal with flash floods and be prepared ahead of time.

Preparing For A Flash Flood

When preparing for a flash flood, the first step is to figure out your home’s risk of flooding. The National Flood Insurance Program publishes a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) which can help you understand the risk of flash floods to your property. In case the risk of flooding is high enough, it is important to develop a flood evacuation plan. Discuss the plan with your family members ahead of time so that they are prepared to deal with a flash flood.

A good idea is to also assemble a flood emergency kit that contains any essentials your family may need. In a waterproof tote which can be grabbed quickly, include a first aid kit, medications, bottled water, small toolkit, flashlights, batteries, phone chargers, emergency radios, and important documents.

Before A Flash Flood

  • Monitor any flash flood watches or flash flood warnings so that you can be prepared ahead of time.
  • In case a flash flood is imminent, unplug all electrical devices to prevent fires.
  • Move any important articles from lower levels to avoid damage.
  • Store or secure any furniture so that they don’t get pulled by the water current.
  • Wait for any information from the authorities before turning off the electricity or gas main supply.

During A Flash Flood

  • Take shelter in a place safe and away from the water. Depending upon the intensity of the flash flood, the flash flood could knock an adult off their feet or even drag cars away.
  • Stay away from lower levels to avoid the water.
  • Avoid walking through the flood water since it can contain contaminants as well as debris of all sizes.
  • Flash floods can reoccur especially in low lying areas that experience heavy rainfalls.
  • Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible so that your claim can be processed promptly.

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