Rugs are often one of the first things people notice in our homes and can be a significant investment. Everyone enjoys a soft plush carpet and rugs can be wonderful for a home’s aesthetic appeal. However, regular cleaning and deep cleaning is required to maintain a fresh and cleaning looking rug and to extend its lifetime.

Springtime is generally considered a great time for rug cleaning, especially if you live in a place with heavy winters where snow and dirt might get tracked in. However, the frequency and timing of your rug cleaning also depend on where you stay and your lifestyle. While an annual cleaning is definitely recommended, a professional rug cleaner could help you determine if you might need more frequent rug cleaning,

Certain factors that could determine the frequency of rug cleaning are:

Small Children

Anyone who’s ever lived with small children knows they can create quite a mess. From food crumbs to toys and playing clay, there are ample ways that they can create a mess. Also, it is important to have a clean home for the health and wellbeing for your children.


A home with pets can always do with some deep cleaning. Pets tend to shed hair as well as can have toilet-related accidents making regularly scheduled rug cleaning important.


If any member of your family is allergy-prone you do understand the importance of a regular deep clean. A regular rug clean gets rid of dust mites, dirt and any other allergens which could adversely affect your health.

A regular carpet deep clean is not only helpful in keeping your rugs looking clean and fresh but is also important for the health and wellbeing of your family. Instead of planning to get your rugs cleaned only once a year, plan to keep your favorite investment pieces clean and new-looking for as long as possible. Contact Service Master Elite Cleaning Service and we will provide you with a customized cleaning solution that best suits the needs of your home.