Humidity can damage your home slowly over time.  An extra humid summer could result in moisture creeping into places you wouldn’t expect and cause problems. Check the following areas of your home or business for trapped moisture that could potentially invite mold growth or even water damage.

Underground Areas

Crawl spaces or below ground workspaces are especially susceptible to humidity damage problems. Moisture from the ground works with the moisture from the air to create condensation on surfaces and if neglected, will grow mold and mildew over time. Keep foundation vents open to keep it dry and maybe even run a dehumidifier throughout your home or business to control humidity levels. Crawl spaces should generally be covered with polyethylene or other thick, solid vapor barriers to keep moisture out. 

Walls & Attics

Humid air can build up in walls and attics, getting soggy over time and attracting mold and mildew. Consider increasing wall insulation or using vapor-retardant paints. Caulking and weather stripping along gaps and cracks on the baseboards, doors, and windows can help as having your home or office properly sealed will minimize moisture issues.

Food Storage

Stored food can be affected by high humidity and become inedible. If humidity exceeds 60 percent, dry food will draw in that moisture and then grow stale. Canned foods may rust or leak due to reacting to water vapor molecules, becoming swollen with moisture. Any damaged or swollen cans you may find should be thrown out. Add silica gel packets or other moisture-absorbing materials in your food pantries to help battle moisture build-up.

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