The days are getting shorter and the nights darker, vacation plans have all come to fruition and it’s time to get back to work and focus on fall business ideas. The pre-fall season is the perfect time to cover your bases and clean up neglected areas where potential germs have been lurking. Spring isn’t the only time to focus on cleaning out the clutter and getting a fresh start. With more time being spent in the office and flu season on the horizon, there’s plenty to prepare for to have an enjoyable and healthy fall.

  1. Your Work Station
    Remember to wipe down all electronics such as your keyboard, mouse, or monitors. Pay special attention to office equipment that is touched often or has several different people using it throughout the day such as copy machines, touch screen devices, or phones.
  1. The Kitchen or Break Room
    A shared staff kitchen can actually house more germs than a shared restroom! Make sure to regularly wipe down the kitchen sink and faucet handles, the microwave, and the refrigerator door handles. If you have an office drinking fountain, don’t forget to clean that too!
  1. The Floors
    More hustle and bustle around the office means more foot traffic. Getting your carpet or hard surface floors professionally cleaned will help protect them in the long run as well as give your employees and guests a good impression of your professionalism.
  1. Upholstered Furniture
    Any fabric covered or other upholstered furniture can house particulates and dust over time. Improve your indoor air quality and keep germs at bay when you take special care of your ergonomic or reception room furniture.

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