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Categories Of Disinfectants

Cleaning work space is essential to reduce the spreading of germs from one person to another. Cleaning and disinfecting are especially important in healthcare facilities. While these terms might be loosely used, there is a difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. There might be certain areas in a medical facility which would just need to [...]

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5 Most Common Carpet Stains and How To Remove Them

We know that while going through life, things leak, spills happen. It is almost impossible to prevent these spills, but it does not have to be impossible to get those stains out from your carpets. In our line of work, we’ve seen a number of spill and stains and the following are the 5 most [...]

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The Importance of Cleaning Cubicle Walls

When at home, we tend to clean our upholstery and carpets religiously. Yet somehow, we don’t pay the same attention to those fabric walls of a cubicle at work. We spend a major chunk of our time in our office and the cleanliness and hygiene of our surroundings are essential for our health and wellbeing. [...]

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The Effect of Thunderstorms on your Business

During the summer months, your workplace might be exposed to the effects of thunderstorm and lightning. Learning the risks associated with thunderstorm can help keep you, your employees and your business safe.   What are the Effects Of A Thunderstorm?   Thunderstorms are always accompanied by lightning. Lightning strikes can cause power surges, structural damage, [...]

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How to prevent MRSA in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and is an infection caused by Staph bacteria which does not respond to common antibiotics and can be very dangerous. MRSA is a very real hazard that every healthcare facility should take steps to eliminate.   Staph is a common bacteria found in 33 percent of people. However, in [...]

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Is Your Janitorial Service Eco-Friendly?

With growing pollution, global warming and the effects of nasty chemicals on our environment, more and more companies are towards more eco-friendly practices. These practices also include environment-friendly cleaning practices, tools, and chemicals. This move is not only great for the environment and health and well-being of your employees but will also set a positive [...]

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Fire Safety Tips For Apartment Buildings

Apartment fires can be quite dangerous since they can easily spread from one apartment to another. However, apartments building are often constructed keeping the safety of their tenants in mind. Apartments also generally have a fire alarm system in place to warn residents in the event of a fire. However, if you do stay in [...]

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Difference between low density and high density can liners

Most people we come across are often surprised to know that there are different kinds of trash can liners available in the market. Facility managers end up spending a lot of money because they aren’t aware of all the can liner options available. Knowing the different types of liners available will help you choose the [...]

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The Difference Between Commercial and Medical Cleaning

A common question we often face is what is the difference between commercial and medical cleaning. There are of course many differences between commercial and medical cleaning. The most fundamental of them is that an office is usually a low traffic area with mostly healthy individuals, whereas, a hospital is a very high traffic area [...]

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5 Tips To Keep Your Bathrooms Mold Free

Mold is essentially a type of fungus that thrives in a damp environment. Molds are typically green, white or black and look thick and fuzzy. While outdoors, Mold is essential for decomposing organisms and soil regeneration, indoors it can be quite harmful to health. Therefore, it is important to take all possible measures to avoid [...]

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