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Setting-Specific Cleaning Protocols in Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to your janitorial healthcare cleaning crew, do you they know the difference in cleaning standards for the various rooms in your facility? An examination room will have different health code requirements than an isolation or operating room. As a healthcare professional or facility manager, you can rest assured that ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning [...]

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What You Should Know About Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water disasters can be a sudden emergency that leaves us feeling frustrated and anxious about what to do next. Because timing is of the essence when it comes to water and flood damages, it’s crucial to act fast and take the right steps as soon as possible. ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services has the answers to [...]

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Degrees of Clean: When to Use Sanitizers or Disinfectants in Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities require much higher standards of clean than other commercial facilities to ensure a safe and healthy environment for patients and providers. Without proper cleaning techniques, potentially illness-causing pathogens and bacteria can collect on surfaces or remain in the air. It’s crucial for any healthcare facility to have a firm understanding of the differences [...]

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