Much like every other industry, training and career development are essential for any cleaning company that seeks growth and progress in the sector. Training employees provide employees with the required skill set to successfully complete a certain task. There are specific goals within the training itself such as understanding a process or learning to operate a machine or set of tools.

Training is important in the cleaning industry for the following reasons:

Protecting your employees

A cleaning operative regularly performs a number of tasks which could be hazardous to their health. Performing activities such as cleaning up chemical spills, dealing with sharp or dangerous objects, cleaning up a medical facility with exposure to infections are all high-risk jobs routinely performed by cleaning professionals. Inadequate training could lead to a high-risk situation for the cleaning operative.

It is therefore essential to that sufficient training and support is provided to cleaning professionals so that work safely and limit any potential harm not just to themselves but to other people in the facility they are servicing.

Providing a safe and clean environment

As we mentioned earlier the health and safety of cleaning professionals is important. Also equally important is the health and safety of the individuals within the facility the cleaning professionals are servicing. Knowledge of hygienic cleaning as well as infection control procedures is vital to ensure a clean and safe work environment for all concerned.

Appropriate skills training provides employees with the required know-how to clean and disinfect any commercial facility including a medical facility, an industrial facility or a traditional office space. A well trained staff also ensures client satisfaction as well as does away with the need for redoing a task by getting it right the first time around.

Protecting assets

When providing janitorial services to a facility, one of the things a professional cleaning company is supposed to do is help protect and maintain their assets. Cleaning operatives who are well-trained are able to avoid most accidents that could occur due to lack of knowledge, training, and expertise. For example, using the incorrect cleaning solution could damage the surface area which is expensive and an entirely avoidable mistake.

Promoting sustainability

A sustainable cleaning practice has never been more important for individuals as well as organizations. Training provides cleaning professionals with the know-how to

  • Dispose of materials in line with environmental policy and regulations
  • Correctly identify and segregate waste materials
  • Employ a cleaning strategy which is good for the facility as well as the environment.

At Service Master Elite Cleaning Service we believe that we can only grow when our employees can grow and develop their careers. We also believe in providing the best customer service possible which can’t be achieved with proper training. Our professionals are well-trained and provided with ample learning opportunities in the field too so that they can grow and further their career while providing all our customers top-notch service. Contact us today to know more about how we can help your Greater New Orleans area business.