It’s easy to not notice the importance of maintaining the proper care of your building’s floors. It’s natural to want to keep the floors clean, but is a professional floor care service necessary? Yes it is, and here are a few reasons why you need commercial floor cleaning for your building.


  1. The condition of your building’s floors is likely to make a first impression on your potential customers and clients.

    A clean, shiny floor is inviting and friendly. It even makes the rest of the room appear brighter and more professional. People will remember it, and want to come back. However, in the same way, a floor that isn’t being properly maintained can make a bad first impression. A dirty floor may turn people off and they may not want to return. Over time, dust builds up and the floors lose its luster, making the room appear duller and less welcoming. When it comes to creating first impressions, commercial floor cleaning makes all the difference.


  1. Although aesthetic value is important, even more important is the issue of safety.

    One of the biggest causes of workplace injuries are slip and fall accidents, they are also a huge insurance liability. Commercial floor care can help many of these accidents. Over time, layers of dust build up on a floor that isn’t properly maintained and dust buildup reduces friction when people walk on it. This is a major cause for most slip and falls. This is also why proper floor maintenance is so important. A good commercial floor care program isn’t one that just keep floors clean, shiny, and dust free. They also strip and wax floors, giving them a slip-resistant seal that increases friction and helps reduce the risk of accidents.


  1. Having a floor maintenance professional also eliminates hassle.

    Hiring a professional commercial floor care company to maintain your floors eases your mind of wondering whether your floors are clean enough and stops you from constantly worrying about safety issues and insurance liability. Having the right commercial floor care company can also ensure that the job is getting done correctly. With the right floor care, you’ll be left with a sleek and beautiful sheen that can only come from a professional floor care program. But if a floor is improperly cleaned, not only will it not look as good, it can also be left wet and slippery, which can ultimately lead to more slip and fall accidents. A commercial floor care professional knows how to strip and wax floors properly, to make sure that they’re clean, safe, and hazard-free.


The benefits of commercial floor care are so great. It sends a positive message to your customers and clients. It shows that your building is a clean and inviting environment. It also shows your employees that you care about their safety by keeping your floors clean and safe, as well as by setting a standard of cleanliness throughout the building. A clean work environment is a happy work environment. And the best way to ensure that is with our commercial floor care. We are here to accommodate your needs. ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services offers special cleaning services in the New Orleans area. Call us at (800) 932 – 9940 or contact us online to talk about our services and how we can help properly maintain your floors.