High Dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach areas, usually above 16 ft of height, and removing dust and grime build-up. Though an important area to clean, high dusting is often ignored. Most building managers will get their carpets, floors, surfaces, and windows cleaned but end up neglecting their ceiling and air vents. Of course, the height also makes the task much more complicated than a standard cleaning procedure. However, despite the challenges posed by high dusting, it is an important facet of a facility maintenance program and should not be neglected.

Following are the usual challenges posed by high dusting:


Risk of Falling

There is a very real risk of falling associated with high dusting. Therefore it is important that the task of cleaning your ceilings and air vents should not be undertaken by untrained individuals. A professional cleaning company such as Service Master Elite Cleaning Services provides ample training in high dusting to their employees and makes workplace safety a priority to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike.

Specific Equipment required

When cleaning ceilings and difficult to reach high areas, it is important to possess the right skills and equipment for the job. The dust and grime should not be removed using a dust blower since that would lead to the dust falling on the surfaces below and can cause breathing hazards. Professionally trained cleaning crew are able to effectively remove the dust and grime build up from difficult to reach areas.

Ineffective Cleaning

Only an experienced commercial cleaning company would know the right products to eliminate the germs and bacteria from difficult to reach areas. These cleaning and  disinfecting products should be completely safe and non-toxic.


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