As a commercial building manager, you might be familiar with the challenges of keeping a commercial bathroom clean and sanitized. Commercial bathrooms typically see a high footfall which often leads to restrooms needing cleaning more frequently. Obviously when it comes to bathrooms hygiene is of paramount importance for the health and well-being of your employees and visitors. Dirty bathrooms can also lead to a negative impression of your business.

While commercial bathrooms are hard to keep clean, these tips will help keep restrooms in your business clean and hygienic.

Regularly scheduled cleaning

The schedule and frequency for restroom cleaning depend upon the number of people in your facility. For example, the restrooms in a large office with over a hundred employees will need more frequent cleaning as compared to the restrooms in a small smart with fewer than 25 employees.

The right cleaning chemicals

Using the right chemicals is vital for keeping the restrooms in your facility clean and hygienic. You should typically use chemicals specially formulated for washrooms since they will be the most effective in cleaning restrooms and getting rid of harmful bacteria.

Air care products

Washrooms can often have an unpleasant smell due to little to no ventilation. No matter how clean, a foul-smelling restroom will always be considered dirty. Investing in air care products can remove as well as prevent any unpleasant smells. Air freshers are great products in keeping commercial restrooms clean, smelling fresh and don’t require too much maintenance.

Additional features

Certain additional features such as extra sanitary bins or diaper changing stations can go a long way in keeping restrooms clean and hygienic.

Bathrooms can often be a challenging area to clean in commercial spaces but our professionals at Service Master Elite Cleaning Service are trained and experienced in servicing commercial facilities in Greater New Orleans Area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your workplace clean and hygienic.