Effective commercial cleaners such as the Service Master Elite Cleaning Service understand the importance of investing in employee training and consider it as an investment for growing their business instead of an additional expense. Successful organizations can often spend up to 3 percent of their yearly budget on employee development to ensure that their staff is up-to-date with the latest trends and technology innovations in the janitorial industry.

Training is especially significant in recent times with the shift in using green cleaning methods and environment-friendly cleaning practices. Equally important is relevant training in cleaning sensitive facilities such as healthcare facilities or cleaning chemical spills. A well trained janitorial staff will be equipped with all the relevant know-how required to best take service your business.

Here are a few ways, hiring a well trained janitorial staff will enhance your business.


Health And Safety

The health and safety of your employees, customers, patients, and visitors depend on the cleanliness of your facility. A well-trained staff is able to ensure that your facility is cleaned and sanitized properly. They are also familiar with and adhere to any cleaning standards pertinent to your industry be it medical or industrial.


Trained cleaning professionals are experienced and understand that the appearance of your business is integral to business success. They are also trained to effectively clean high traffic areas such as entryways, office receptions, and waiting rooms so that your office facility is prepped for the best first impression.


A trained janitorial team works like a well-oiled machine. They are able to figure out the best schedules, the amount of staff required, how detailed the cleaning needs to be and the kind of supplies and equipment required. They are also prepared to deal with any contingencies which might come up.


At ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services, we believe that investing in employee development and training helps us go above and beyond in ensuring customer satisfaction. We believe in providing excellent service to businesses in the Greater New Orleans area and our highly skilled professionals are an integral part of our service place. Contact us today for a consultation.