Water damage doesn’t always start with a natural disaster or major appliance mishap. Sometimes a slowly leaking pipe or an improperly sealed window can cause real structural damage to your property over time. Even if damages only seem minor, they can lead to bigger problems down the road when left untreated. Noticing visible damages to a home or building can often take inhabitants a long time, especially when it comes to the internal infrastructure. Don’t wait until you see severe damages before taking action, look for these subtle signs that your property has a water damage problem:

Peeling paint water damagePeeling Paint

If you see peeling paint on the inside (or even the outside) of your property and you cannot find a direct cause, it could be water trapped in the walls. Repeated exposure to moisture, especially in areas with high humidity, can cause water to get trapped underneath the paint, causing it to peel off. If you find the drywall beneath the peeling paint is soft or swollen, you might have to replace the wall itself. 



Water damage on ceilingDiscoloration

Brownish or yellow water stains on ceilings or walls are a sure sign of water damage. These generally source from a water source above the ceiling such as an upstairs bathroom. If you can’t identify a direct source of water, you may have a leaky pipe or one that is sweating from inadequate insulation.


Warped siding from water damageWarped Structures

If you notice a sagging ceiling or the walls around your windows looking warped or damaged, call a professional immediately. This means that structural damage has already begun and there is likely a larger problem behind the walls or above the ceiling.



Moldy ceiling


Any visible appearance of mold is a sign of excessive moisture where it shouldn’t be because it thrives in warm, moist conditions. If you see even a small amount of mold, there’s a chance of a whole lot you’re not seeing. If you track the source of the mold, you’ll likely find a place with water damage as well. We can help restore your water damaged property and remediate any mold you may find.

ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services can help solve water damage problems in New Orleans. With the right equipment, we can test moisture levels to ensure structures are properly dried. A minor water leak can turn into a major structural problem when neglected or not taken seriously. Contact us at (800) 932-9940 if you suspect water damage or if you notice any of the above signs.


Warped siding photo by John Jack