Winter is packing up and getting ready to move on while spring is fast approaching. And usually winter leaves a mess once it’s gone! When it comes to commercial facilities, spring cleaning involves those areas that may not need regular cleaning but do need special attention after the cold months. Tough to reach or out of sight areas still get dirty even though they don’t attract notice on a day to day basis. Inspect the following areas within a typical building that could benefit from annual or even quarterly seasonal cleaning from ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services in New Orleans.


Every shoe that sets foot in your building during the winter brings in debris. A thorough cleaning of high-traffic areas can revitalize the appearance of your carpets, improve indoor air quality, and extend the lifetime of the carpet. We’ll do spot cleaning, too with particular attention to tough stains.


Upholstered furniture is a great item to have on an annual or quarterly routine cleaning schedule along with your carpets. Dust, dirt, grease and stains become embedded in your furniture over time and can also affect your indoor air quality. Improving the freshness and appearance of your furniture makes a great impression on your guests and employees.


Dust and grime hide out in corners, under conference tables and behind desks and filing cabinets. Professional floor care means capturing every last bit of dust and dirt as well as treating stains. A thorough clean of these areas will cut down bacteria and germs that contribute to allergies as well as improve potential odors.

  Pressure Washing

Sidewalks and exterior concrete surfaces build up dirt and debris over winter and can make them look dingy or covered in grime. Pressure washing your walkways, sidewalks and outside walls can improve your professional appearance to passersby and guests. Get that fresh spring image!

ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services knows how to battle dirt, grime and tough stains. Have us do a walkthrough and we can pinpoint areas that may need sprucing up or even areas that would benefit from a regular janitorial schedule. We’ve been providing commercial cleaning services in the New Orleans area for over 20 years and would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can serve you and your facility. Call us at (800) 932-9940 or contact us online!