An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from spring allergies every season. Indoor allergies can be just as irritating as outdoor allergies to your immune system, and when this affects your office, it can affect your employees’ work. Sneezing, coughing, itching eyes and running noses make it difficult to focus on work. Many of the allergies that people tend to suffer from at work are also those they experience at home.

Common Allergy Reaction Triggers

  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Animal dander
  • Mold or mildew spores
  • Pests (rodents, cockroaches, etc.)
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Fumes from aerosol cans, acidic cleaning agents, perfumes, air fresheners or other scented products

Even if the policy in your office involves a smoke and pet free environment, sometimes residual smoke or animal fur lingers on coworkers clothes and can affect others. It’s important to let your staff know to report their allergen sensitivities to their employer so they’re aware.

Ways to Reduce Office Allergies

Maintaining a clean office is the number one way to minimize the amount of allergens in the air. The following areas of the office are most often the culprits of spreading dust mites, pollen or other allergens when not cleaned regularly.

  • Hard Surfaces

    Wipe down your desk, electronics, and other work areas with disinfectant wipes daily. Keep these spaces uncluttered to prevent dust from collecting.

  • Carpets & Upholstery

    Vacuum regularly. Having your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned can remove all dirt, pollen, dust and other particulates embedded in the fibers and make a big difference.

  • Ventilation Systems

    Change out air filters often and use an air conditioning system rather than opening windows and doors. Pollen can drift inside when you leave your windows open for long periods of time. Run a dehumidifier if your office tends to get high humidity to reduce the risk of mold growth.

A regular commercial cleaning schedule will ensure your workplace is doing all it can to battle allergies from within and outside. Whether you need your carpets and upholstery freshened up or a new janitorial schedule to accommodate the new season, ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services offers special cleaning services in the New Orleans area. Call us at (800) 932 – 9940 or contact us online to talk about our services and how we can help reduce office allergens at your business.