A gloved hand holding a sponge.

We know clean.

With over 20 years experience providing specialty cleaning services to LaPlace, Louisiana, our expertise and methodology of the trade are unmatched by the competition. We’re a local company proud to serve our community with quality cleaning services and special project cleaning. Have a large facility that needs consistent maintenance? We can help. Are your hard surface floors made of certain materials that require special attention? We can do that. Just finished that big construction project and don’t want to deal with the messy aftermath? We can clean it up for you! Our services span a wide variety of jobs and we’re always willing to work with you on a quote for a special project.

For Commercial Facilities, we offer:

Our specially trained cleaning crews can handle all types of facilities with fluctuating needs and demands. From healthcare facilities with stringent health code requirements to industrial facilities that need deep cleaning services, we can do it all.

For Residential Customers, we offer:

Remember, when it comes to your carpets or upholstered furniture, it’s often a better investment to have a professional come in and do the cleaning. It’s very easy to ruin or damage your carpet or upholstery fibers with do-it-yourself rental equipment. We can guarantee a spotless clean that will protect the natural fibers in your fabrics. For tile and grout cleaning, we are able to get out all the soil and stains that may be difficult for you to achieve by doing it yourself. Trust us, ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services has years of experience and state of the art training to get the job done right.