ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services wants to make sure your business or facility in New Orleans stays safe from water damage problems. We know that water damage and other disasters happen when you least expect it, so we decided to share some of our favorite tips for water damage prevention for your commercial business or facility. The most common water damage culprits include:


Air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators and dish washers are some of the most common appliances to malfunction and cause water damage in the workplace. Older appliances tend to break, rust and cause water damage even more often – so make sure everything that uses water in your facility is working properly. Have a maintenance schedule or regularly have someone inspect your appliances to ensure they’re working correctly. If you have an office kitchen break room with heavy foot traffic, you’ll definitely want to have your appliances regularly inspected since they will be regularly used by your staff.

Drains & Pipes

Plumbing in your business is also a likely suspect for water damage – including the toilet, sink and possibly the washing machine if you wash linens on site. Be sure to prevent grease buildup in sinks and clear lint vent in dryers. Clogs are very common in plumbing as well, so be sure that your system is flowing properly or that you have a maintenance crew that can help if a clog does occur. Brown water stains on walls and ceilings can also be early signs that a pipe in the walls or above the ceiling is leaking. Don’t wait until this stain gets bigger or actually feels wet! You should always address the first signs of water damage early to prevent further, and more expensive, damages from happening.


Old roofing or missing parts in your roof can cause severe water damage from leaks, especially during wetter seasons. Be sure the ventilation and insulation in your attic is functioning properly when your business is being exposed to wind and water during a storm or other extreme weather event.

Each of these aspects of your business can malfunction, break, or cause problems at any time. If you don’t currently have a maintenance crew on site that can check for these issues, perhaps consider hiring a company that can do regular inspections. If you do happen to experience a water damage disaster from an appliance overflowing and flooding your office or heavy rains get in due to a leak in your roof, call ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services in New Orleans. Our team of experts can solve any water damage crisis and get your business back up and running efficiently. We arrive on site promptly and begin the water mitigation and restoration process immediately. You can count on us to get there quickly and work efficiently so that your commercial business or facility gets back to work.