Commercial cleaning equipment has progressed by leaps and bounds over the past few years both in terms of effectiveness as well as durability. However, these machines do contain moving parts and are used continuously and therefore wear and tear is natural and expected. A great way to extend the lifespan of cleaning equipment and keep them performing an optimal level is to perform regular maintenance of your commercial cleaning equipment.

Floor Care Equipment

  1. A buffer floor machines are generally considered hardy machines and can withstand up to 10-15 years of use with regular maintenance and a few repairs.
  2. The biggest concern when dealing with buffers are actually the squeegees found at the back of the machines. The squeegees remove moisture, soil, hair and other debris. However, they run the risk of being damaged by large pieces of debris, which can affect the performance of the machines.
  3. These issues can be avoided by regularly inspecting the squeegees and replacing them as needed. Over the years, with technological advancements, replacing squeegees has become much easier.
  4. If your floor machine uses cylindrical brush technology to clean, regular check the cylinders. These parts are also magnets for dust and debris and regular cleaning of brushes helps with optimal performance.
  5. Regular lubrication of machines is also important for their smooth performance. Schedule regular oil and lubrication applications to the machine joints to help increase their lifespan.

Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Contrary to popular belief, vacuum cleaners can be durable and last for upward of five years if used correctly. One of the easiest ways to keep vacuum cleaners running is to change their bags regularly. Once the bags get filled up, they put a strain on the vacuum cleaners and the machines become sluggish.
  2. Similarly, vacuum filters should also be regularly cleaned. Almost all high-end commercial vacuum cleaners require their filters to be cleaned regularly for optimum performance.
  3. Vacuuming liquid is a big no unless using a wet-dry vacuum. Moisture can harm the motor or hoses of the vacuum. It can also cause mold and mildew within the machine which would cause odors as well as hamper the performance of the vacuum.
  4. Clear the floors of objects such as coins or clips etc before vacuuming since they can damage the belts or strain the vacuum motor.
  5. The belts on a vacuum cleaner last for a shorter time, as compared the rest of the components. When buying a new vacuum try to select a model with easier access to the belts so that they can be replaced easily.

A great tip for regular maintenance of your equipment is to consult the owner’s manual that comes along with the machine. The owner’s manual generally has tips for regular maintenance as well as troubleshooting tips. Training as well as instructing your cleaning crew to regularly inspect their machines and resolve any issue as soon as it comes up will prevent machine downtime, cut repair times as well as add years of life to your equipment. Our professionals at Service Master Elite Cleaning Service perform regular maintenance to all cleaning equipment to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a consultation if you are located in the Greater New Orleans and are in the need of a cleaning crew.