If you’re a facilities manager, you are aware of the toll that weather elements can take on your flooring. People track in dirt, mud, rain, and snow and make the upkeep of your flooring a challenging task.

Our professionals at Service Master Elite Cleaning Services have a few tips to help facility managers protect floors from harsh weather conditions.

Perform Daily Cleaning

In a commercial setting, floors tend to get dirty fast. People track in debris, spills can occur and dust accumulates. Therefore, cleaning supervisors should ensure that floors are cleaned at regular intervals during the day to keep them dirt-free and sparkling.

Place Mats in high traffic areas

Entryway mats are key to protecting your floors from the elements. An entryway mat traps the dust, grime, and snow and keeps it at the door instead of your floors. In addition, they are great for removing moisture from shoes and therefore are great for avoiding any slipping mishaps. A matting of at least 8-10 feet is ideal for trapping the dirt and protecting your floors.

Schedule regular deep cleaning

Floor deep cleanings use highly specialized chemicals and tools to sanitize and remove any dirt buildup. Scheduling regular deep cleanings extend the life of your flooring while giving your business a clean and fresh appearance.

Use the appropriate cleaners

Incorrect cleaning chemicals or wrong dilution can cause more harm than good to your flooring, Therefore, it is important that only the appropriate cleaning supplies are used for your floor and at their correct dilution levels. Service Master Elite Cleaning Services professionals are trained to perform the correct cleaning process depending on the type of flooring at your commercial facility.

Maintain your cleaning tools

Just like cleaning solutions, using the correct cleaning tools for your floor type is also important. Your cleaning crew should also perform regular maintenance of their cleaning tools to make sure that they are performing at their optimum efficiency.

Service Master Elite Cleaning Service prides itself on going above and beyond in maintaining commercial spaces in the Greater New Orleans Area. We have the specific know-how needed to clean your office space and provide a customized solution tailored to suit your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.