The safety and well-being of family and friends are of the utmost importance to almost all of us. People take all possible measures to ensure good health for our children, partners, friends and our pets. However, there is one sphere where we are not as cautious and that is in our cleaning supplies closets. Our cleaning supplies are loaded with chemical some of which can be very harmful and toxic for the health of our family.

There is, however, a safer way to clean our homes. Eco-friendly cleaning products make for a safer alternative to our usual cleaners and are safer for the environment too. If you want to shift to a more green approach to cleaning, our professionals from Service Master Elite Cleaning Service have 4 tips to help you begin:

Eliminate Unsafe products

The very first step in the process of green cleaning is to remove all harmful and toxic chemicals from your place. This way, you will not end up using any harmful cleaning products when cleaning your home.

Read the Label

Before investing in any cleaning products, it is important to read their label and their ingredients. This will help you choose only natural and green cleaning products for your home. Also, helps you look for less pricey alternatives to the green name-brand cleaning solutions if you are familiar with the ingredients.

Choose safer alternatives

There are many alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals including products easily available in any kitchen such as vinegar and baking soda. Educate yourself about natural alternatives and how they can help you clean.

Go the extra mile

When committing to a green lifestyle, try to go the extra mile. Try to use fewer disposable products. When cleaning, use reusable cloth wipes and rags instead of paper towels. Even the smallest of changes in our lifestyles could help our environment.

At Service Master Elite Cleaning Services, the health and wellbeing of our patrons are of utmost importance. Therefore, we firmly believe in green cleaning wherever possible and doing our own bit for the environment. If you are in the Greater New Orleans Area and are looking for a green cleaning company, contact us today for a consultation.