When people enter a healthcare facility, odds are they’re already in a state of vulnerability with respect to their health. Whether it’s a family physician’s office, a hospital or a clinic, it is imperative that the environment be cleaned to a higher standard to prevent the spread of pathogens from patient to patient. Cross contamination is a much bigger risk in a healthcare environment in comparison to the usual commercial cleaning setting. If not properly cleaned, some healthcare facilities can actually make patients sicker instead of make them better.

The Facts

In fact, a study from 2011 found that one out of every twenty-five patients admitted to a hospital contracted an illness or infection as a direct result of their stay. This may be attributed to poor cleaning techniques, as it was also discovered within this study that only half of rooms in hospitals are properly disinfected during their routine cleanings. Healthcare facility cleaning requires more than just general janitorial services. The most effective approach for cleaning medical offices utilizes certain techniques, specialized training, and hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants.

The Staff

Training staff that know how to handle the unique situations encountered in a healthcare setting is critical. For instance, does your cleaning staff know:

  • Full scope of terminal level cleaning in sterile or operating rooms
  • OSHA regulated storage best practices
  • Daily disinfecting of exam tables, sinks and all other “high-touch” surfaces such as door handles, patient beds, desks, keyboards, phones, and switches.
  • Preparedness and correct procedure when encountering an exposed needle
  • Joint Commission standards
  • Knowing the proper personal protection equipment required in any given situation
  • HIPPA Compliance

Without proper knowledge of the intricacies of medical cleaning, your facility or patients may end up as one of these infected statistics.

The Solution

Due to the discrete nature of medical care as well as the strict sanitary standards, you need a cleaning team you can trust. ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services offers highly trained cleaning technicians in the New Orleans area that know the special needs of health care facilities. We take accountability for the training of our staff as well as the cleaning procedures they employ. We guarantee your facility will remain a safe and healthy place for your patients by providing extensive specialized training to our staff with the standards of healthcare facilities in mind.

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