Despite your best efforts, your office air quality might suffer. Dust, debris, and germs tend to build up when there are so many people working in a confined space. Poor office air quality can impact your employees’ health. They might frequently feel tired or complain about headaches and respiratory problems. Poor air quality also negatively affect the productivity and employee morale at your workplace.

Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to improve air quality and protect the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Deep clean your office space

Regular cleaning, as well as deep cleaning your office space, ensures that there is no buildup of dirt and germs. Hiring a professional cleaning service such as Service Master Elite Cleaning Service will keep your office facility clean and sanitized and significantly improve the indoor air quality.

Check and change air filters

Air filters provide a good first line of defense against dirt and exterior pollutants. However if not replaced timely, they can be ineffective in maintaining the air quality. Therefore you must regularly check air filters and replace them when needed for them to perform at high efficiency. As an extra step, you can also install HEPA air filters to better trap contaminants.

Improve Ventilation

Good ventilation is important for circulating indoor air and avoiding CO2 buildup. You must hire professionals to regularly hire and service your HVAC system. Professionals can also clean your air ducts to improve ventilation and indoor air quality by removing built-up debris from air ducts.

Invest in an air purifier

Air filters can often miss microfibers in the air which might include viruses and bacteria. Regular cleaning might not be effective enough to get rid of all particles. A great way to remove pollutants is to invest in a good quality air purifier. These exclude using purifiers which emit UV light since those could be harmful in confined spaces.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Chemical cleaners though effective in cleaning your office could also be negatively impacting your office air quality. Green cleaning products are safe, non-toxic and environment-friendly along with being effective cleaners and do not impact indoor air quality.

The professionals at Service Master Elite Cleaning Service consider the health and well-being of their clients of paramount importance. We offer green cleaning solutions to business in the Greater New Orleans area and provide services to help maintain great indoor air quality. Please contact us today to speak to us about customized solutions that best fit the needs of your business.