When your business is growing, chances are you might need more working space too and might need to move to a new commercial facility. When moving into a new facility, it is important to make sure that your new building is move-in ready to avoid any downtime or loss in productivity.

These 5 steps from our professionals at Service Master Elite Cleaning Service will help you prepare your new facility for the move-in day:

Sort out the clutter

An important step in having a smooth moving experience is getting rid of any unnecessary papers, documents, equipment and other materials that tend to accumulate over time. You should also encourage your employees to keep cleaning and reducing clutter periodically to avoid buildup.

Before moving you can involve your employees in the sorting process. Someone can also supervise the process and pay attention to any sensitive documents to ensure data security while determining what furniture and equipment can be removed.


It is entirely possible that your new building might not have been cleaned after its previous owners or renters vacated. Similarly, a new building will have a lot of construction related dust and debris. You should ensure a thorough cleaning of the facility before moving in all the furniture and equipment. There are certain areas to which special attention should be paid such as bathrooms, vents, grates, ceiling tiles, windows, upholstery as well as the walls and floors.

Deep Clean carpet

Carpets can harbor a lot of dirt, grime and dust mites without it seeming obvious. Before moving in, it is important to hire a professional carpet cleaner to ensure cleanliness and improve the air quality of the facility.

Touch up paint

Nothing seems more unprofessional than peeling paint and dirt and scuff marks on the walls. Hire a professional company to touch up the paint and freshen it up all over your new building. This will not only make your building look more professional but also make give it a new lease of life, making your new office space a bright and positive space to work in.

Bring in the professionals

A move can always be overwhelming with you having to take care of so many things. When you a professional janitorial service, you make sure that your facility is move-in ready and that’s one less thing you need to worry about.

At Service Master Elite Cleaning Service, we place great emphasis on achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction. Our crew is thoroughly trained and is provided ample experience to make sure they are able to perform the task at hand efficiently. We provide customized cleaning solutions to businesses in the Greater New Orleans area. Contact us today for a consultation.