When the economy takes a downturn, everyone gets affected including hospitals. Hospitals can often have large running costs, especially with their housekeeping department. A few simple tips will help you cut back on expenditure without having to compromise on patient care and the safety and wellbeing of your patients and employees.

Fewer Trash Liners

A common practice is to place extra trash liners at the bottom of the bin. This could be a time-saving practice in other commercial facilities. However, in a hospital where there can be a variety of pathogens, extra trash can liners can’t be used and need to be disposed of too. Trash can liners are a petroleum product and as such their prices rise too as oil becomes more expensive. 

Avoid unnecessary linen laundering

A good practice to follow is to set a number of linens for each floor and unit of the hospital. Often ten to fifteen extra sets along with linens for the number of beds works well. The linens can then be restocked during the day as and when needed. In case of a contamination, excess linen would need to be laundered, if you stored more than necessary on the hospital floor.

Reduce Solid Waste

Waste Removal fees are based on the volume of the solid waste and you can reduce the expenditure by

  • Establishing a recycling program for cardboard, metals etc.
  • Shred only documents with confidential information and the rest of the paper can then go into recycling.

Reduce Biohazardous Waste

You can further reduce the expense of waste removal is to reduce your biohazardous waste. An on-site treatment such as autoclave steam sterilization process would convert your biohazardous waste to solid waste that can be thrown out along with the rest of your trash. This option, however, is only useful if space is not a constraint since these machines need 10 by 12 feet space as a minimum.

Educate the staff of your efforts

You will only be successful in your cost-saving endeavors if you educate your staff, not only of the measures you are taking, but also the reasoning behind it. Communicate with your management and nursing staff of how cost-saving tips can help the hospital.

In a hospital, the safety and well-being of patients is of the foremost importance and therefore no cost-saving measures should be taken which could risk that. Luckily, if implemented well, none of these will benefit your hospital as well as the environment in general. If you are in the Greater New Orleans area and are in need of cleaning for a facility, contact us ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services today for a consultation for your healthcare facility.