On any given day, you and your employees spend most of your waking hours at work. Your office space deserves as much care and maintenance as your home does, if not more. As a busy business owner, the cleaning and upkeep of your office space is just another task on a never-ending to-do list. It might surprise you to learn that hiring an efficient and professional janitorial service is a strategic business move.

Read on to learn about the benefits of outsourcing janitorial services and why your business should consider investing in a professional cleaning service.

  1. Higher Quality Cleaning
    ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Services employs highly skilled and experienced cleaning professionals who specialize in cleaning commercial buildings in the Greater New Orleans Area. We take care of all aspects of a janitorial service including regular deep cleaning as well as restorative maintenance. We also possess the right equipment and expertise to clean nooks and crannies that aren’t generally accessible.
  2. A Professional and Polished Work Space
    In absence of a cleaning service, the upkeep and appearance of your space will be dependent on your office staff. Time crunches during busy seasons could lead to clutter build-up and an untidy appearance. A professional janitorial service like ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Service keeps your office always looking polished and prepared for any client or investor
  3. Safer and Healthier Work Environment
    A build-up of dust and dirt leads to higher chances of airborne allergies as well as lowered immune responses and poorer health of your employees. A regular deep clean with a professional cleaning service can keep the air quality high and the office dust-free. This would lead to a healthier staff, lesser sick leaves, and greater staff productivity at work.
  4. Cost Effective
    Contrary to popular belief, hiring a janitorial service is actually the more cost-effective option. To begin with, an expert cleaning service can get more done in a shorter amount of time. You can also customize all maintenance services to suit the needs of your facility and pay only for what you need. Besides, regular and restorative maintenance will help prevent any costly large-scale repairs or leave any maintenance issues unattended for a long period of time.
  5. Shorter To-Do List
    Once you outsource to a professional cleaning service like ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Service, the management of your cleaning operation becomes our responsibility. This includes staffing issues, cleaning standards, and supplies procurement. This means a shorter to-do list for you so that you and your employees can focus on your core competencies and growing the business

At ServiceMaster Elite Cleaning Service, we understand that every business has unique janitorial requirements and we are equipped to handle any special requests. We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure quality cleaning service and customer satisfaction. We serve the greater New Orleans area and will help you develop an effective, workable plan to meet all your cleaning needs. Contact us today for a consultation