Much like everything else, there are some common misconceptions around floor cleaning. There are a few recommended “hacks” prevalent on the internet which might not be the most effective when cleaning. Here are 4 common misconceptions that we have come across on the internet.

 If it aren’t dirty, don’t clean it

Many people believe that if the floor or carpet doesn’t look dirty, it probably isn’t. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While on the surface, your floor might appear clean, there could be a ton of dust and dirt lurking underneath. It is important to have a cleaning schedule in place for your floors.

Skip the vacuum

Floor dusters consist of dusting clothes which can trap dirt and dust particles within their fiber. However, they are not entirely effective in cleaning floors and are more likely to move the dirt around. Vacuuming after using a duster is probably the most effective way of cleaning your non-carpeted floors.

You can use the same kind of cleaner for any surface

There are many recommendations for floor cleaners on the internet such as vinegar and bleach. While effective in small measures they may not be suitable for different floor types. For example, high concentrations of vinegar can actually ruin your hardwood floors. Also, bleach while great for killing bacteria might not be completely effective to clean dirt.

You can eat food off a clean floor

We’ve all quoted the ‘five second rule’ before picking up a piece of food dropped on the floor. Another common quote is ‘floors so clean you can eat food off of’. However, doctors don’t recommend following this practice. It is a bad idea to consume food that has been dropped on the floor, no matter how clean it might be.

When cleaning, it is important to use recommended cleaners to do your tasks. For more detailed cleaning you could always hire a professional commercial cleaner such as Service Master Elite Cleaning Service to help you. We service the Greater New Orleans area and are available for a consultation.