Even with regular vacuuming, cleaning and window washing, it is not common to have a few spots ignored around your office. While these spots might not get noticed by the people who work in the facility, they could be evident to any visitors or customers and could potentially leave a poor impression.

These are the top 10 spots that are often ignored when servicing an office facility:


●       Behind copy machines and printers

Often high performing printers that print many pages together leave tiny particles that accumulate behind, around and under the printers and copy machines.

●       Vents

With continuous heating and air conditioning, dust and allergens tend to accumulate on the vents. Also important is to pay attention to ceiling ventilation vents located in the restrooms and office kitchen.

●       Ceiling fan blades

Dust and grime tend to adhere to ceiling fan blades and the dirt buildup makes for a swirling grimy eyesore.

●       Baseboards

Your baseboards can accumulate a lot of dust and grime which you might not notice immediately. The dust can also make it into the HVAC systems and reduce air quality.

●       Light Fixtures

Light fixtures need to be dusted regularly since they can accumulate quite a bit of dirt. This would also reduce the brightness of your lights.

●       Picture Frames

Picture Frames can get quite grimy over time and should be dusted regularly. The glass should be wiped to remove any dirt or fingerprints too.

●       Steps

The corners of stairwells and stairways accumulate dust whether they are carpeted or hard flooring.

●       Walls

Textured walls or wallpaper can often act as dust magnet especially in areas with open doors or low-traffic areas.

●       Ceiling

Rough and textured ceiling tiles can attract a lot of dust and grime over time and lead your ceiling to look dirty and grungy.

●       Upholstery

Your upholstery could be a home a ton of dust-mites and dirt. Along with nasty stains and accumulated dirt, your upholstery could begin to look very dingy over time.


Our professionals at Service Master Elite Cleaning Services prefer to use cleaning checklists when servicing an office building. This ensures that no spots are left ignored and your facility is serviced and cleaned thoroughly. Contact us today to know more about the customized cleaning solutions we can provide to your Greater New Orleans area business.